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We all have had  mouth as dry as desert on some or the other occasion be it from excitement or shock but those are short lived. Dry mouth/ xerostomia is a serious medical condition.

It is can make everyday routine like eating, swallowing, talking difficult. It can lead to bad breath, gum and teeth problems also. It happen when saliva secretion drops. Usually dry mouth occurs as a part of aging process, side effect of medicine or treatments, symptoms of certain disease.

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Diaper Rash Remedy

Diaper rash even though it is not a real illness but one of the things that makes life difficult for you and your little one. Diaper rash happens because moist closed space loaded with bacteria is perfect place for rash to grow. It is a type irritant dermatitis of skin. You see your baby in pain, her bottom is red. Every parent have to deal with Diaper rash some or the other time. As a parent myself I hate to put all the chemical on their tender bottom also hated to see my angel in pain. Here is how you can flight diaper rash naturally.

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Anemia is a condition in which blood lacks Hemoglobin and cells in the body does not get enough oxygen.It is most common blood condition in the US, over 3.5 million people are affected.It affects infants due to heredity, Child bearing age females and older generation. There are more than 400 type anemia (source: WebMD) and they occur because of various reasons. The most common type of anemia is due to iron deficiency, which is what we will address here today.

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AZ Tech Beat

Startup DialNurse responds to on-demand telehealth & mHealth needs – AZ Tech Beat

Staff Writer | On September 16, 2013: With healthcare reform on the horizon and the increasing demand of online health experts to lower costs, one local startup, DialNurse, is responding to the need, and announced today their expansion with additional telehealth and mHealth offerings for private and public enterprises to incorporate this form of medical consultation into their employee healthcare benefits.

DialNurse, is a Mesa-based, on-demand telehealth and mHealth (mobile health) service provider that utilizes licensed and registered nurses to provide 24x7x365 medical consultation (English and Spanish) for a flat fee-their service is often less than an average insurance co-pay and currently service 43 states. DialNurse focuses on people who have high deductible healthcare plans, have no medical insurance, are living in remote areas of the U.S or simply want to remain anonymous for a medical consultation.

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Have you ever felt thousands ants crawling on you skin, where you just want to scratch your skin’s content. If you have experienced it then you know what I am talking about and how it feels. Itch is body’s defense mechanism to some external or internal factors. It can be reaction to chemicals in personal care products, allergies, dryness, skin irritation, reaction to some medicine etc. Itching actually injures your skin. Itching gives some temporary relief but it forms a itch scratch-cycle. Here are some home remedies and life style choices which can diminish itching.

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Cold and Cough

COLD and COUGH- Runny/stuffy nose, mucus, headache, body ache, cough & postnasal drip if you are one of too many people who have suffered from common cough and cold you know how uncomfortable it is. We spend billions of dollars treating this, unfortunately there is no cure for common cough and cold but some step in the right direction and home remedies can be very effective.

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Constipation- can make us really uncomfortable. That feeling of bloating, heaviness, discomfort is no fun. Constipation occurs because of certain medical conditions, lack of movement or exercise, lack of fiber in diet, excess of processed food, lack of water etc. Constipation is not a disease it is a problem. Once we understand why constipation is affecting us, some home remedies and lifestyle changes can treat it very effectively.

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ULCER – is  an erosion in stomach lining caused by gastric juices and bacteria. Ulcers are very painful. contrary to earlier notion that ulcer only comes with stress and eating spicy food, it can happen to any one. If you are suffering from ulcers you know that medicines always does not bring relief. With some life style changes and home remedies ulcers can be controlled. Here are some for you.

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HANGOVER – After partying from dusk to dawn, you are feeling nauseated, spliting headache, sensitivity to light and sound – which is no fun.  Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to hangover. The best way to prevent hangover is drinking in moderation, being hydrated before drinking and try not to drink in empty stomach. But incase you got carried away and are dealing with hangover – here are few tips which will make it comfortable for you.

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MIGRAINE- are headaches accompanied with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light & sound. Most of the time person is not able to perform routine tasks. Migraines can be very painful and once it starts it is  difficult to control it. The best thing is, if you can prevent it before it happens. There are lots of OTC medicines available to control migraine but a change in life style and few home remedies can reduce occurrence of headaches drastically. Here is a cheat sheet for you.

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