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COLIC | DialNurse Wellness Series | 4 of 101

Aug 3, 2013



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You are excited to bring your bundle of joy home and are hoping that s/he will “sleep like a baby”. That is not happening. The baby seems to cry at the same time everyday for extended period of time like a clock work. Nothing is helping her, even after attending to her needs she is not happy. You are not sure what is wrong, what can you do to help this precious baby. Don’t worry you are doing everything right, you just have a colic baby in your hand. It is mostly common between 3-4 weeks to 4-6 months old babies.

No body seems to know the exact cause but here are few things that can help you along the way.

a. Sound Silly but start out by feeding the baby, s/he may be hungry. If you think the baby is not hungry try offering a pacifier.  Sometime change of diaper also works.

b. Movement seem calm babies down, so ride in the car, holding, rocking the baby is worth a try.

c. Laying the baby on the tummy (using a hoppy pillow) and rubbing the back lightly seems to help some babies. Message is good too.

d. White Noise also helps babies. Try putting the baby in car seat on top of a dryer, or just get a CD of White Noise.

e. If Breast fed, change in mother’s diet is worth a try. This will take a lot of experimentation.

f. A lot of parents try herbal remedies such as- herbal tea, gripe Water, fenugreek oil.

G. Warm towel on the stomach helps move gas around and soothe the baby.

h. Last but not least. Every baby is different so keep changing things and trying. Hang in there. Give your baby sometime to calm down by him/herself. Take a break. You need it, you deserve it.

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