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CONSTIPATION | DialNurse Wellness Series | 8 of 101

Aug 12, 2013



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Constipation- can make us really uncomfortable. That feeling of bloating, heaviness, discomfort is no fun. Constipation occurs because of certain medical conditions, lack of movement or exercise, lack of fiber in diet, excess of processed food, lack of water etc. Constipation is not a disease it is a problem. Once we understand why constipation is affecting us, some home remedies and lifestyle changes can treat it very effectively.

a. Move around and incorporate daily exercise routine for yourself.

b. Include lot of fruits and vegetable and in your diet. Ripe kiwi or asparagus, spinach etc can bring you relief. Eat a diet rich in fiber and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

c. Include probiotic in your daily supplement

d.  Eating raisin, prunes, flax seed is helpful in getting rid of constipation.

e. Warm water or better still warm prune juice works miracle.

f. Cut down on processed food and artificial sweetener instead opt for whole grains.

g. Eating beans, legumes, honey or molasses help to move that bowel. h. Healthy fat like olive oil or castor oil acts as a natural laxative.

h. If constipation is not getting better you can try OTC saline laxatives like Miralax, Milk of Magnesia or Stool softeners or suppositories.

i. Last but not least, don’t postpone the urge to go, you got to go when you need to go. Forming a routine will help also.

Good luck.

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