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Diaper Rash | DialNurse Wellness Series | 12 of 101

Oct 22, 2013



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Diaper Rash Remedy

Diaper rash even though it is not a real illness but one of the things that makes life difficult for you and your little one. Diaper rash happens because moist closed space loaded with bacteria is perfect place for rash to grow. It is a type irritant dermatitis of skin. You see your baby in pain, her bottom is red. Every parent have to deal with Diaper rash some or the other time. As a parent myself I hate to put all the chemical on their tender bottom also hated to see my angel in pain. Here is how you can flight diaper rash naturally.

a. Change diapers as frequently as you can. With every change clean the bottom with just wet soft wash cloth or hypo allergic baby wipes. Let it dry completely. Sometimes chaging the brand of diaper also helps.

b. Coating the area with  coconut oil or Petroleum Jelly with every diaper change decreases the frequency a lot.

c. If you are using cloth diapers then switch to mild detergent, skip fabric softener also rinse twice.

d.   Try to use product only meant for babies and the ones which are fragrance free & colorless.

e. Once the baby has a diaper rash but no open sores,  put baby in warm bath of Oatmeal (ground) and baking soda for 10 min twice a day. Dry completely.

Hopefully with all these you have one less thing to worry about.

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