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What is DialNurse service?

Are you looking for medical advice during nights and weekends?  Not able to make appointment with your PCP the same day? DialNurse is a prepaid telehealth service where board certified physicians and licensed and registered nurses provide medical advice and consultation over phone or video.  You can call from wherever you are.  Medical providers are available 24/7/365.  This service is not a replacement for medical emergency situations; call 911 for such situations.  Service can be purchased at www.dialnurse.com.

What is telehealth?

Per Wikipedia, telehealth refers to the use of telecommunications and information technology to bridge the gap between medical providers and patients.  The model allows for an around the clock availability of medical professionals over the phone to provide medical consultation at an affordable low price per consult compared to Medical Practices and Urgent Care Centers.

Who are the medical providers I am speaking to? Are they outside the U.S.?

We use Board Certified physicians and all our nurses are Licensed, Registered and located within the U.S.

When should I use DialNurse service instead of seeing my own doctor?

According to some experts almost 70% of doctor, urgent care and ER visits are preventable.  You should consider use of DialNurse service for following situations

  • Non Medical Emergency situations
  • Medical consultation needed during off hours or nighttime.
  • Do not have easy access to see a medical provider
  • Do not have the time for long waits at a doctor’s office
  • Traveling outside your health insurance coverage area
  • Have a high deductible plan
  • Have no insurance
  • And various other scenarios

Is DialNurse appropriate for every medical condition?

DialNurse is not intended to replace your primary care physician or your network of specialists.  However, there are many situations including medical conditions where the treatment involves an over the counter drug or a home remedy or a care plan.  DialNurse is an ideal service for those situations as you can get the same reliable medical advice at a fraction of cost.  It is also estimated that over 70% of medical consult cases do not require a face-to-face interaction with a doctor.  There is also a growing trend with many medical practices where you no longer see a doctor anymore and your visit is handled by a nurse practitioner.  DialNurse is also a great alternative during late evenings and nights to get medical consultation from the comfort of your home.

Is DialNurse service available for my region?

For physician consultation DialNurse is available throughout the continental U.S.

For nurse advice our service is available throughout continental U.S. except Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.  We are working towards coverage for these states.  Learn about new coverage areas and other DialNurse News by joining our email list from the footer of our page.

Can the providers write prescriptions?

The nurses are not able to write prescriptions.  The nurses are licensed and registered and so you should expect reliable and professional medical consultation which may involve recommendations for over the counter drugs, home remedies, after care or, if needed, recommendation that you should see your primary care physician.

The physician plans do include medical prescriptions capability for non-controlled substances.

Will I be able to talk to the physician or nurse immediately?

Our triage department works very hard to prioritize the calls based on the urgency of the cases.  When you call in, the triage representative will determine priority for your call based on the symptoms you are calling about.  Based on the information available you will be placed in a queue where you can expect a callback within 1 hour by one of our medical providers.

How long is the consultation?

On an average the consultation should be 10 min or less.

Can I keep my identity anonymous?

You can choose to not disclose your identify to the medical provider.   However, for being able to purchase this service either over the web, mobile or using our toll free number you will need to certain information for payment processing.  Medical providers do not have access to the payment details.

What information will I need to provide to speak to a medical provider?

For consumer purchased plans follow the instructions in your order email or membership card.  You will also provide relevant details like date of birth or age of the patient, symptoms, medical advice you seek etc. so that the medical providers can provide you relevant consultation.  You can choose to stay anonymous and should let the Triage team know.

For employee provided plans follow the instructions on your membership card.

After I speak to the medical provider initially, can I call back if I have additional questions or if there is a change in my condition?

A consultation will be considered complete after the call has ended between the patient and the medical provider.  In some cases the providers will follow up to check on the condition of the patient, however, in most cases you attempt to connect with the provider again will be considered a new consultation.  This should not be a concern, in most cases, as our providers are extremely thorough and will ensure that each call involves relevant and complete medical consultation and that the patient is satisfied before call is ended.

Will I be charged if the provider is not able to reach me?

Our providers will make 3 attempts to reach you within 1 hour of your call to the Triage team.  If the nurse is not able to reach you then we will consider the call “complete” per the terms of the service.  It is important that our triage team has accurate contact information for you and that you are available for the callback.

Will my health insurance cover DialNurse service cost?

Some insurance providers do cover costs for these services, however, to be sure please verify with your insurance provider first before you purchase or use the service.  DialNurse cannot take your health insurance and/or submit claims on your behalf.

Can I pay for DialNurse service with FSA, HAS or HRA account?

Please consult with your insurance program administrator to verify that your FSA, HAS or HRA plan allows for this.

What if I am asking triage advice for someone other than myself?

Our provider will want that person to be with you so he/she can get an accurate medical assessment of that person and provide the most appropriate advice.

If the medical provider recommends I should see my doctor for next steps do I still pay for the medical consultation?

Yes. Like seeing any doctor, if you are referred to another provider, the consultation fees still apply.

Is there a minimum age requirement for the caller or the patient?

You have to be 18 years of age to call.  If the patient is below the age of 18 then a parent or guardian or friend over the age of 18 can call.

Who can I talk to if I am not satisfied with the service?

You can submit your feedback and provide relevant details on your experience here.  Please be sure to include your Order Number.  All emails will be answered within 2 business days.

I have some thoughts on improving the service. Who can I speak to?

At DialNurse we have a strong focus on continuous improvement.  We’d love to hear from you.  Click here to submit your feedback.