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HANGOVER | DialNurse Wellness Series | 6 of 101

Aug 6, 2013



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HANGOVER – After partying from dusk to dawn, you are feeling nauseated, spliting headache, sensitivity to light and sound – which is no fun.  Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to hangover. The best way to prevent hangover is drinking in moderation, being hydrated before drinking and try not to drink in empty stomach. But incase you got carried away and are dealing with hangover – here are few tips which will make it comfortable for you.

a. Eat potassium rich food, specially bananas. Even if you are throwing up, banana is a fruit to eat.

b. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate yourself. Dehydration will make hangover worst. Drink plenty of water, sports drink to replenish electrolytes, drink alkaline fruit juice to replenish minerals, vitamins and sugar.

c. Ginger candy, ginger ale, ginger tea will also help.  Ginger is known to help in nausea so it will help control hangover.

d. Eating bland food like toast, rice will help settle the stomach.

e. Homemade herbal tea with warm water, honey and lemon helps to replenish fluid and sugar lost due to hangover and feed your cells. f. Rubbing peppermint oil under your nose will help you feel better.

g. Sipping some cold milk next morning help calm the stomach down.

Hopefully with all these tips under your sleeve you can continue partying all night and day.

Disclaimer : Drink Responsibly. Never drink and drive.

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