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ITCHING | DialNurse Wellness Series | 10 of 101

Sep 4, 2013



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Have you ever felt thousands ants crawling on you skin, where you just want to scratch your skin’s content. If you have experienced it then you know what I am talking about and how it feels. Itch is body’s defense mechanism to some external or internal factors. It can be reaction to chemicals in personal care products, allergies, dryness, skin irritation, reaction to some medicine etc. Itching actually injures your skin. Itching gives some temporary relief but it forms a itch scratch-cycle. Here are some home remedies and life style choices which can diminish itching.

a. Wear comfortable, cotton clothing.

b. Look for harsh chemicals and dye free personal care products.

c. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid caffeine, alcohol.

d. Switch to lighter detergent powder which are not laden with chemicals.

d. Baking soda bath is helpful as long as you don’t have open sore and wounds. Soak in the bath for 30-40 minutes.

e. Adding ground oatmeal to bath helps the skin by providing it moisture it needs.

f. Wet and cold compress provides immediate relief.

g. applying Apple cider vinegar locally helps in the itching.

h. Herbs like  basil, tyhmes, mint, lavender helps reduce itching. Lavender essential oil are excellent. Making a tea out of the herbs and apply cool tea locally helps because of its anti inflamatory benefits.

i. Applying coconut oil on damp skin will nourish the skin thereby reduce dryness.

j. Milk and honey is an ancient remedy in treating itchy skin. Milk has anti inflamaory properties and honey attracts moisture to the skin.

You can pick any combination of above remedies to bring some relief. Whatever you do don’t scratch skin so hard that it breaks open, you will be exposing yourself infections.

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