Terms and Informed Consent

DialNurse service involves a registered and licensed nurses and physicians to provide medical consultation to the customers over the phone and video conference.  The consultation is based on information provided by the consumer / patient (“customer”).  The medical consultation is based on Barton Schmitt, MD Pediatric Guidelines and the David Thompson, MD Adolescent and Adult Guidelines.

Age Verification and Service Scope

You acknowledge that you are atleast 18 years of age and calling about yourself or someone in your care.   You also acknowledge that the medical consultation is for one patient only. (either self or someone in your care).


DialNurse is a callback service or what is called as a clinical outbound mode. Customers call DialNurse’s toll free number to reach the DialNurse Triage. The triage team will prioritize the calls using an acuity based system. This means that the non-urgent calls are screened by non-clinical staff, placed in callback queue and the call is returned by a registered nurse or physician (depending on plan purchased). Calls that meet urgent criteria are transferred to the medical provider immediately. The advantages to this system are as follows:

  • Medical provider handle calls based on acuity, rather than the first call to ring in.
  • The caller does not have to wait on hold for the medical provider during times of high volume.
  • The callers can get medical consultation 24×7.

The customer can expect a callback within 1 hour. The customer is responsible to make sure that the triage team has accurate contact information for callback. If the medical provider is unable to reach the customer within 1 hour after making atleast two attempts then the customer will be billed for the service.

Medical Records

The medical provider may need medical history information on the patient to be able to provide relevant medical consultation.  The customer is responsible to provide adequate medical information.

Possible Risks

  • Customer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to the medical providers. Customers are not obligated to follow consultation provided by the medical providers.
  • Based on the medical consultation the customer may need to see his/her PCP or a specialist or even ER for a face-to-face consultation and/or for prescription drugs.


Nurse Advice products do not include prescription benefit.  Physician Consultation products include prescription benefit.


Customers can choose to stay anonymous for the purposes of the consultation.  Customers will need to provide relevant information for payment processing.  In very rare instances, security protocols could fail, causing a breach of privacy of personal medical information.

Patient Consent to the use of DialNurse

By checking the box during checkout you acknowledge that you understand the above and agree with them.  By checking the box containing “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” I hereby state that I have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this document.