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ULCER | DialNurse Wellness Series | 7 of 101

Aug 7, 2013



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ULCER – is  an erosion in stomach lining caused by gastric juices and bacteria. Ulcers are very painful. contrary to earlier notion that ulcer only comes with stress and eating spicy food, it can happen to any one. If you are suffering from ulcers you know that medicines always does not bring relief. With some life style changes and home remedies ulcers can be controlled. Here are some for you.

a. Cabbage juice before the meals helps controlling ulcer. You can mix carrot with cabbage to make it taste better, if consumed regularly it can bring huge relief.

b. If ulcer pain is very bad switch to organic baby foods and rice water for few meals to help heal the stomach.

c. Healthy dose of Vitamin E and Vitamin A will help heal stomach lining and protect from bacteria.

d. Eat food rich in antibacterial, antioxidant properties. For e.g.; red or purple color food, banana, garlic etc.

e. Avoid milk and milk products, which will control production of gastric juices. Also avoid acidic food, fat and spices.

f. Eat in small amounts frequently rather than having one huge portion.

d. If you are on a painkiller medicine regularly, switching out the formula might help as well.

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